Pediatric Chiropractic

A pediatric chiropractor is concerned with the restoration and preservation of your child’s health. One of the most common reasons parents seek out chiropractic care for children is for colic. Some common methods of consoling a child with colic are distraction, swaddling, and rocking. Although these methods may help to temporarily soothe your child, they don’t resolve the primary problem or the consequences that may result from colic. Colic can create a lot of stress on a child often times causing the child to tense up and have bodily contractions. Seeking help from your chiropractor in Mentor is an effective source of treatment to help restore the balance in your child’s body and relieve the chronic aches and pains associated with colic. Our staff at Lake Spine Specialists wants you to know all of the benefits of our pediatric chiropractic care services

A pediatric chiropractor is concerned with the restoration and preservation of your child’s health

Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic care is holistic care, which means your child’s concerns will be treated as a whole, unlike traditional medicines that may only treat their symptoms, without addressing the underlying cause of distress. Not only can a pediatric chiropractor ease the symptoms of colic in your child, but it is a holistic approach to treatment that will be beneficial in the development of your child. It is an approach to treatment for the child as a whole, including their mind and body.

Subluxations and Children

Even as early as infancy, your child may have stress on their spinal nerves, this is known as subluxations. This is especially common in children that have colic. Subluxations are generally not painful; however, they may pose serious threats to a child’s development. Whether subluxations have developed as a result of colic or from your baby being in a difficult position in the womb, subluxations may attribute to a condition in children known as block atlatl nerve syndrome, which may be the main cause of upper respiratory infections, ear infections, and chronic tonsillitis. Unless subluxations are corrected they can affect future nerve function and your child’s developing nervous system. A visit to a chiropractor family practice in Mentor can help relieve subluxations in your child.

Children are never too young to start visiting a chiropractor. Well-care for children typically starts as early as their first month of life. Pediatric chiropractors use extremely gentle pressure to treat children and the treatments are very soothing for the child. If you are visiting a chiropractor seeking treatment for colic, your chiropractor will gently treat your child at the office as well as provide you with recommendations that can be used at home to ease their discomfort.

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